A unique online resource that offers an extremely easy and enjoyable way of learning about wine in the comfort of your own home!

You simply buy six different bottles of wine and then learn how to taste them by watching the video tutorials.

How to Taste Wine

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How it Works

The concepts and tutorials all revolve around my unique Wine Flavour Tree, which makes it easy to understand more about the grape varieties, aromas and flavours we find in a bottle of vino.

This is done through a series of videos, all of which are presented by myself, your very own Master of Wine, along with the additional resources found in the Taste Case.

This means that not only do you get to dictate when and with whom you want to learn about wine but you also have a choice in which wines you select to taste too.

Coming Soon

The Mistress of Wine is working hard to select the best wines for the Taste Cases, so watch this space!

In the meantime, you're invited to enjoy the rest of the content and additional resources.

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The Cases

There are a number of proposed 'shopping lists' or cases of wine on the site and each one contains six different wines. The wines have all been selected because they are excellent examples of a specific grape variety and as such display those aromas and flavours as depicted on the Flavour Tree.

samcaporn Pop Art

The six wines in each case have either been grouped into a general style category (e.g. light-bodied) or grape variety (e.g. you can taste a selection of Sauvignon Blanc from around the world) so that as you start your Taste Case journey it is simple to navigate your way around the wines by referring to the Tree, and following along with the videos.

Once you have selected the case with the six wines that you would like to taste, you simply buy those wines yourself either by clicking through to the retailer website or by popping into the specific store that carries those wines.

When you're ready, the last step (and the most fun) is to open your wine, and watch the appropriate videos for your Taste Case while enjoying your own wine tasting event at home!

the taste case

As you gradually taste your way around different grape varieties and are guided via the videos as to the aromas and flavours you can expect to find in them, you will hopefully be able to start to identify some by yourself and to work out what you like so that you can increasingly understand and enjoy wine and get more and more out of every glass – cheers to that!